Triangle weave


On facebook I am a membler of group where we have a monthly challenge, Triangle weave is this months challenge.

I was first inspired by pasta actually, yes pasta.. here in Denmark we have these funny looking pasta 

Then I saw a pattern made with bugle beads, and I wanted to make the same pattern only with seed beads I prefer size 11. And I made this bracelet for the triangle weave challenge

I've also made a tiny ring, only with the ring I embellished with 4mm bicones, and in the caramel/orange bracelet it was 3 mm creme (NOT white) glass pearls (I bought the pearls at

This is the ring:

I will show you how I did this. I did come up with these jewelry on my own and created my own pattern, the technique is not mine. If you make anything with help from this tutorial please remember to credit me as the designer ;) And have fun!

First things first, I am only using one color in this tutorial, if you want to make your own color pattern, try drawing it on paper with colored pencils;)

Thread you needle with a comfortable length of fireline/nymo what ever you have. ;) Use a thin needle, I use size 10 here (it did switch to a size 12 when I had to attach the clasp)

Pick up 9 beads,

and sew through the first three beads like this.

Then through the next three beads. Now it looks like a triangle (or a petal) Now you need to build of this triangle and make 4 more

Pick up 6 more seed beads. 

Sew through the three seed beads you just came out of

Now you have two petals. Pick up 6 seed beads and do the same thing again until you have a total of 5 petals/triangles. 

I have now 5 petals here 

and I need to sew through the three seed beads on the first petal we made

Pick up three beads and go through the last petal and down to the center

Like this, then go up the next side and continue to build of the flower

Remember it is just like R.A.W. (right angle weave) there can't be any thread across in the center it needs to stay open ;) 

Pick up another 6 seed beads

And go through the three beads. And now you've build another petal on this flower. Keep adding petals til you have a total of five, and then you need to only ad three beads like you did when you finish the very first flower. This one is a little different because you already have made three petals, you have two from the first flower you made and the one you just made. 

When you've reached your length of your bracelet (or ring) but want another row, sew through the beads until you reach the top three beads like in the picture.

Pick up six seed beads

And go through the three beads you just came out of, and you have created another petal. As you can see you have 4 petals, so you need make one more petal with six seed beads, and the make the last petal with the three, just like before. 

It should look like this, continue that until you're happy with it ;)

This is what it should look like when you reach the end. On the left you can now attach your clasp of choice.  I usually put on 5 beads and then up through the clasp and down the middle of the flower, reinforce if you like ;) 

(pssst as I look at it now I see I made a little mistake.. bottom row, second flower, I went through the wrong bead so there's a thread going across the center, that's a no no, when you embellish the bead in the center will be up a little higher than the others. Let's just say I did that on purpose :oP)

Feel free to embellish, for this one I used TOHO triangles. I embellish by going through the middle, you can do as you please. I hope this tutorial helped you or at least inspired you. 

All bead, thread and needles are bought a my favorite Danish online store

And please excuse my oh so ugly (but very brilliant) pink cloth, it keeps my beads from going all over the couch as I bead