R.A.W. on top of R.A.W. (square ring)

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So it's been a while I have had quite a few request for my square bead parts. I've used it for a bracelet and for this ring. You can really use these squares for a lot.

You need to know R.A.W. to make this project. You'll also need 2 colors of size 11 seed beads, some beading thread (Nymo or fireline), a needle (please not a thin needle, it will break, I've used a size 10) and some 4mm beads, I've used 4 mm bicones. Last but not least some twin beads. 

The twin beads I got from ebay, really great quality. I am happy with them. The rest I got from two Danish bead stores. One is perlenettet the other is jm-perlen

Please, read this tut all the way through before beginning the project. 

Good first things first. Thread your needle and pick up 4 A's (white) and go through the first bead strung again.

Make a total of seven rows.  

 7 rows each way to for a square. Don't worry that it looks a little odd, it will come together. Make sure not to make it too tight, but not loose either. Medium tension. 
Look closely at the thread go down a bead, and pick up a B (gold) and sow through the next one, so that you make the foundation for the second R.A.W. stitch on top of the square..

Like this 

 As you go a long, the square you made first will tighten up and become very stiff. When you reach the end, go around to the next row and repeat with the B's

 You will have this when you're done. And now it is time for making the rest of the R.A.W. stitch. Go around and up through a B. Pick up another B and go back through a B. Don't add any at the edge though. Fill the inner gold square. (explanation further down (look for the **), I am so sorry, didn't realize until now, I hope it makes sense)

 When you have filled the gold square, start again with bead A and make the Waffle like pattern you see here. 

** After I took the pictures I realized I didn't explain the turn around very well. I am so sorry, here it is, a layer to late though.. After adding the last A in the waffle pattern, you should be coming out of a B like this.

 Turn through the next bead.

 And down the next + the first A in that row.

 On this waffle you must add the bead on the outside like shown, (the first waffle you couldn't you will later see why)

 When you have filled in the square, it will look like this. Mark the thread near my name is coming out of A like that. 

It's time for adding the twin beads. Make sure they are approximately the same size. Pick up a TW and go through the next A in the outside row, like shown on the picture.

 Continue around the square, and follow the red arrow with your needle and thread. 

 Time to make a last waffle. Pick up a B and go through the rows, like you have before.

 Fill in the tiny square. Now you can choose to add a tiny tiny waffle or bincones or you can leave it like this.  It's totally up to you. 

Now this can be a bit tricky because all these waffles on top of each other makes it all very tight and stiff. Weave through the beads, doesn't matter how or where, just end up at the corner like this.

 Pick up three A's and go back through the first bead you came out of. 

 Go through the three beads just added to secure. Do that with every R.A.W. row you make on the edge here, because it needs to more stiff. Go through the next A from the bottom.

Add two A's and go back through the last two beads you just came out of and the first bead just added. Like this. VERY important that you exit like this. Because now you need to incorporate the twins. 

 Go through the TW and add one A and go back the bottom A, up the next A, through the TW again, and the A just added and through the next bottom A. 

 You are really just making R.A.W. here. 

When you reach a corner, the needle needs to come up through the corner bead. (if it doesn't just weave around and go back up)

 Pick up a B, 4mm bicone and another B

 This can be a very narrow place to bead, it will take patience. Follow the red line, or look careful at the next few pictures. 

 Last you bead back through the B, bicone and B, and down the corner bead, continue around  the edges until you're done.

 Like this. ;) By way if you need to add thread during the project don't do any half hitch knots or cut of any thread until you're completely done. You need to go through the beads so many time would be a shame if you make a knot and then not being able to go though that bead. This is the finished square, you can connect them to a bracelet or make it to a ring if you like.

 I made it to a ring. It is very easy going from R.A.W. to peyote and the other way around. I'll show it in another tut called Peyote, R.A.W. ring. 

I hope it all made sense, happy beading. 

Be sure to credit me as the designer if you make this. 

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