Saturday, June 28, 2014


I haven't really had much time to blog the past year and half.

In October last year I found out I finally got pregnant, been trying for almost two years, and finally we got out wish.

I gave birth a month earlier than planned, and I have been so busy this past year, and I will only get less time for beading as my baby boy grows. Perhaps someday in the future I will get the time and passion back. It takes a lot of time and inspiration to keep beading, not to mention money :P

I have been deleting a few things on the blog, so if there's missing some pictures that's why. I will keep the blog up, cause I still get e-mails here and there thanking me for the tutorials. But I am not active here anymore. But like I said, perhaps some time in the future I will get back into beading.

Take care

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