Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been kinda busy here

Sooo many things to do so little time. Been planing this year. We are getting a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Our little dog Alba (a girl) was born on January 10th, so only 6 weeks until we can pick her up. 

Anyway to day I finally got a piece finnished. Preciosa beads have been handing out some of their newest beads for FREE! Find it on Facebook search for: " Preciosa Ornela - twins free" and sign up and get your code and the order a small patch for your self. I signed up for one, and this is what I made, with some of them (sorry for the many pics, I just couldn't deside which picture I liked the best

The two pictures of the ring looks different i sun light, the first one i sun light and the other is taken on a cloudy day. What a difference huh? Either way I looooove this set. It's keeper.

I made another bracelet today, for a contest actually.. The theme is vintage, and I thought of the war and how people had to be creative and make beautiful things of what they had. I took a piece of lace, and I did a "wrap" with som south sea beads. Finished with a gold button. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


To day I had a hole day to my self, I saw a tutorial from Beadsfriends yesterday how to bezel a teardrop cabochon, and I wondered if I could use that technique for a shell. And I could. I can't believe how wonderful it turned out to be. I even entered it to a contest. ;D

Here's a link to saras video tutorial on youtube

Friday, January 13, 2012

Peyote earrings

I am a member of a bead chat group on Facebook, and I showed these pair of earrings that I made

and many wanted to know how to make them, so I will try and demonstrate it here. ;) I will only show how to make the hoop part ;) The rest is all up to you.

I've used blue AB colored size 15. And two different shades of shapphire blue, but size 11. And then some white opal 15's all are Miyuki seeds. Other than that I've used some white opal drops, approximately 3,4mm. And of cause you need a thread and a needle.

First I put 35 of the blue AB 15's on my needle, and begin a simple Peyote strip

Next row on both sides I used the dark blue sapphire 11's

As you go it will twist and turn, don't worry to much about it, when you zip it up at the end, it will come together, just make sure you pull your thread and keep the tension. Next row on both sides are the light sapphire.

When you've made that light sapphire row step over to the opposite side and go trough the first dark and the light sapphire blue bead and pull tight.

Now you are ready for the drops

Take one white 15, one drop and a 15 

Then run your needle through the next bead in the row (the next light sapphire)

When you have finished that row, it will look like this, but don't worry I well look better. ;D The needle needs to go down and out of the dark sapphire bead, and the through on the opposite side like before, through the first dark and light sapphire blue bead. And pull tight.

Then you take a white 15 and go through the drop (and ONLY the drop) on the opposite site. Put on another  white 15's and go through the light sapphire blue bead on the opposite side of the drop, that way you zip the two sides together. 

It should look like this..

Continue this 

Taaadaaa, there you go. You can do almost anything with this, put it on a hoop, connect it with beads or crystal beads or anything you like. ;)